The 5 Biggest Mistakes Couples Make When It Comes to Sex

… And What to Do About It

As an internationally renowned sexual empowerment coach with 20 years’ experience in the sexuality field, Amy Jo Goddard has worked with thousands of individuals and couples on their sex and relationship lives.

In this free call, she’ll share her insights and observations on couple dynamics and the 5 biggest challenges and misunderstandings that arise in relationships around sexuality. This call is a valuable resource whether or not you are currently in a relationship.

PLUS, Amy Jo is doing something she doesn’t always do on her free calls: she is taking your thoughtful questions! This ain’t your Cosmo Q&A.

Many people have questions about sex, couple’s dynamics, intimacy and relationships and don’t know where to go for answers. We’re excited to offer live Q&A for this call — simply use the form below to submit your contact information and question(s), and Amy Jo will answer your question live on the call.

Your contact information will be kept in the strictest confidence. Should you wish to submit your question under a different name or initial, we welcome that in the form below!


The 5 Biggest Mistakes Couples Make When It Comes to Sex…
And What to Do About It

Thursday, Aug. 15th at 8pm EST (Replay)

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