About Sexy Napa

amg4What is Sexy Napa About?

After creating an internationally successful coaching business and working in the field of sexuality for nearly 20 years in New York City, world renowned Sexual Empowerment Coach Amy Jo Goddard decided to move back to her home state of California.

Why Napa?

She landed in Napa and could see that it was an absolutely perfect location to bring her dynamic events creation, her unique sexual empowerment and relationship coaching and the natural romance and beauty of the Napa Valley together to create a new brand that would serve the locals as well as the 5 million+ people who come to the Napa Valley every year.

Amy Jo has built her highly successful sex and relationship coaching business with her tremendous experience, pioneering smarts and deep compassion for the clients she works with. And now she is bringing something really new and unusual to Napa Valley. And so, Sexy Napa was born.

Most people know Napa as a romantic, sexy getaway spot and since couples travel here from all over the world to reconnect, play and have a sexy good time, Amy Jo decided she was going to bring a little bit more sexy for them to play with.

What kind of events does Sexy Napa host?

Wine1Sexy Napa is partnering with local wineries, wine bars, spas, resorts, sommeliers, cheese makers, chocolatiers and other local educators and specialists to create unique events that allow attendees to experience something new. Some of our signature events are our Flirtation & Seduction Sexy Soiree, our Sexual Confidence & Play Salon, and our Night of the Story of O.

Our events include social opportunities, entertainment and cutting edge education that allows people to walk away with skills and knowledge about how to date, how to communicate needs, how to be more confident, and how to have better sex, all while drinking some of the best wine in the world in some of the sexiest settings in Napa.

You are encouraged to play and participate and are given a structure that allows you to do that in way that feels comfortable. And of course, you never have to, but come to one of our events, and you’ll surely want to engage!

Who attends Sexy Napa events?

SexySoireeOur attendees are a sophisticated bunch of folks who are willing to take risks, try new things and be daring—even if it scares them a little! We welcome people of all genders, unless an event denotes otherwise. Some events are especially for couples and some are for mixed or singles crowds.

Our attendees tend to care about developing their sex and relationship skills and really see that sex is indeed a skill worthy of spending some time honing. Many are creative types or folks who are on some sort of spiritual path—or would like to be—and don’t know where to start.

Do you help people with Bachelorette or Bachelor parties?

We do arrange special engagements for groups who are hosting bachelorette or bachelor parties in Napa, ranging from PG adult sex education to the Dirty Talk Olympics—a rip-roaring time that helps participants play and take risks in a safe environment! No matter who is coming, we can find the right fit for your group.  Click here for party inquiries.

How do your VIP Days work?

Our VIP Days are for individual women and couples who want to work on their sexual lives. Many women do VIP Days to address a specific issue they are having with their sexual or relationship life so they can open up their energy, have more pleasure, and explore their sexual desires.

Couples might choose to do a VIP Day because they are newly together and want their sex life to be as good as it can possibly be (Honeymoon Day), because they want to reconnect and recover the lost spark they used to feel with one another (Reconnection Day), or because they want to spice up their sexual life and learn about things that are outside of the box (Spice It Up Day). You can read all about our VIP Days here.

Each VIP Day is designed to help a couple come together and expand their experience of sexuality. Couples will get clear about emotional patterns that get in the way of them having what they want and will get on the same page about their sexual lives so they can go about creating a more mutually fulfilling sexual life.

What are some of the things people get out of a VIP Day?

  • More pleasure, more powerful orgasms, and deeper intimacy in relationships
  • Greater comfort and ease with their sexuality as a whole
  • Clarity about sexual desires and needs
  • New communication skills so they more effectively get what they want from their relationships and sex life
  • More powerful orgasms—or experiencing orgasms for the first time
  • Identification, healing and release of sexual shame
  • Happier, more playful and fulfilling relationships
  • More confidence—which means more sexual/intimate partner possibilities, more business and creative life expansion, and more joyful expression
  • New possibilities for sexual exploration and expression
  • Authentic love for their body
  • Better ability to parent their children without shaming them
  • Acknowledgement and understanding of parts of their identities that have been in hiding, leading to more freedom and authentic expression
  • More alignment in their relationships and their lives
  • More knowledge about their sexual selves
  • The ability to work on a current relationship with care and purpose
  • Openness and more ease in talking about sexuality and relationships
  • Getting what they really desire

The result of working with Amy Jo and her team is an internal alignment that connects your sexuality to the whole of who you are and how you show up in your relationships.

I’m interested. I want more of all those things you listed! What should I do?

Just click the button below to apply for a “Destination Sexy Napa” call with Amy Jo or a member of her team. You’ll answer a few questions so we know what you are looking for and then we’ll get on the phone to see whether we are a good fit. We don’t just work with anybody…it’s important that there is an alignment and synergy between the Sexy Napa team and our clients. If there is, we will invite you to book your VIP Day. Our dates are on a first come, first served basis.


What if I’m nervous?

Some people feel nervous about working on their sexuality. Some even get nervous to reach out to me. That’s okay, and it’s normal.

The way to overcome fear is to take a step. There is nothing wrong in asking for assistance with your sexuality. In fact, it’s a tremendously courageous act. The world would be so much healthier if we all would. The world tells us “sexuality is just natural,” therefore we shouldn’t need any help with it. We learn that we shouldn’t talk about it because “it’s private”. These ideas aren’t true and they hold us back from expressing our full sexual nature and getting support where we need it.

Since you’ve read this far, it must be striking a chord. Something inside you knows the value of engaging actively with your own sexual growth.

This cultural story about sexuality keeps us in ignorance and pain. Think about it this way: we can understand how someone needs a coach to become proficient at a sport, or a teacher to learn a business or vocational skill.

Don’t you think we need guidance about something as complex as sexuality?

You bet we do!

We don’t question seeing a therapist to help us with our psychological health or seeing a doctor about our physical health. Your sexual health and well-being are just as important. People who really want to get to the next level with their sexual selves and live more fulfilling lives deserve the appropriate guidance: someone who is expertly trained and who understands the depth of their struggles with sexuality.

When you choose to invest in this experience, you are giving yourself a gift by saying, “I want to invest in my sexuality. I want to get more comfortable with it. I want to explore and expand it.”

And with Sexy Napa, we do it in a beautiful setting, away from the stresses at home so that you can really focus on yourself, or your relationship and partner—if you come with someone special.

What’s the difference between a Private VIP Day and a Group VIP Day experience?


Individuals and couples can always set up a private VIP day to work on their issues alone where the sole focus is on them.

We find that for many couples it’s very helpful to do their VIP Day in a group setting for several reasons: 1) Sometimes it helps to see a dynamic you might have experienced in another couple in order to really see it in your own relationship. The presence of other couples who are working on similar issues can really help you grow your own relationship. 2) There is a fun social element that adds to the fun of your day with our top notch special lunches and evening events. 3) You might find that after experiencing a VIP Day with other couples that you become great friends with them, since they know you in a way that most of your friends don’t!

Who qualifies for a VIP Day experience?

Sexy Napa VIP Days are focused on couples work and work with individual women. Couples of all sexual orientations are welcome. We can also design events for triads, and work with you to accommodate a different relationship structure. We support all relationships in being healthy.

How do I get started for my VIP Day experience?

Just click the button below to apply for a “Destination Sexy Napa” call with Amy Jo or a member of her team. You’ll answer a few questions so we know what you are looking for and then we’ll get on the phone to see whether we are a good fit. We don’t just work with anybody…it’s important that there is an alignment and synergy between the Sexy Napa team and our clients. If there is, we will invite you to book your VIP Day. Our dates are on a first come, first served basis.


We look forward to speaking with you or seeing you at an upcoming event. We want your time in the Napa Valley to be as memorable, romantic and of course, sexy, as possible.

With Pleasure,

The Sexy Napa Team