Sexual Growth

The World of Sexy VIPs

Several years ago I began doing VIP days for clients as part of my work as a sexual empowerment coach. Many people don’t understand what a VIP day is or why anyone would choose to invest in an intensive day to address their sexuality and relationship issues, desires and proclivities: “A VIP day for sex? What [...]

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There is No Sexual “Normal”


I believe that one of the most important things you can do to claim your sexual power is to learn what it means to come home to your sexual self.

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So…You Have Sex So that They’ll Like You?

In my life and work, I have been very attuned to the ways that people give away their power because they want other people to like them. I work with my clients and students on these issues directly.

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The 9 Steps to a Sexually Empowered Life

People are often confused by what I mean when I say I work with people to become sexually empowered. Sexuality is so vast that when people want to work on their sexual selves they often don’t even know where to begin. One of my client prospects recently said, “It’s like my sexuality is a big [...]

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The Sexually Empowered Life

The Kiss - Gustav Klimt

We learn to deal with sexuality in deficits. What’s not there. What we don’t have. What we can’t be. What we can’t do. What we need to stay away from. I’d like to swing the lens around 180 degrees and take a look at what we DO want. What we CAN be. What we CAN have. What we CAN do. What types of lovers we CAN draw to us. What experiences we CAN create for ourselves. How we can EXPAND who we are exponentially when we develop, nurture, heal and explore our sexuality.

This week, I want to answer the question, “What does it mean to be a sexually empowered person?”

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The Second Damsel Trap: Your Lover is Not Going to ‘Fix’ You

If you don’t invest time and energy into your sexual satisfaction, it becomes like that damn light bulb in the hall closet that burned out so long ago, you can’t quite remember; you just feel irritated and annoyed each time you go to flick the switch and nothing happens.

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Sex and the Single “Person”…in 2013

Our culture sees sexuality as something that gets activated when you get into a relationship, like a switch that turns on and allows a current of flirtation, seduction, playfulness and hotness to flow into your life. But I see sexuality as our core energy, our life force: a fire that’s always present. Sometimes it blazes brightly, sometimes it settles down to embers, and sometimes it needs to be reignited, but it’s always there. Your ability to ride those waves of hotness, desire, playfulness and sexual deliciousness is not dependent on being with someone else. It all comes from within YOU.
Do you take responsibility for your pleasure and orgasms?

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What’s a Sex Coach?

When I tell someone that I’m a sex coach, they generally find it confusing. Often, I will hear, “Oh, so like, you’re a sex therapist?” Well not exactly. “So then, what is it that you actually do?”

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50 Shades of Sexual Self-Care

Part of taking over your own agency is that you learn how to take care of yourself, and it starts with your own sexual self-care. If you can’t show up for your own body and sexuality, how do you intend that other people will? YOU must lead.

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Vanquishing Your Inner Damsel

Women are often taught to expect salvation/redemption/fulfillment from other people. To empower yourself, confront your inner Damsel–the part of yourself that wants to be saved–and start taking responsibility for your own joy.

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