VIP Days

Individual VIP Day Experience: Sexual Empowerment Day for Women

Based on Amy Jo’s “9 Elements of a Sexually Empowered Life,” on your individual VIP day we zero in on what’s holding you back from what you truly want sexually and in your intimate relationships, and we excavate the parts that aren’t working so you can make room for the sexual person you want to be. For some women, that means working on your relationship to your body, learning more about sexual pleasure and how to experience more ecstasy, and/or unlearning harmful emotional patterns that keep you in a deprived sexual state or believing you will never have the sexual relationship you deeply desire. It might mean looking at your authentic desires and erotic leanings, getting clear about what they are, and developing skills to clearly communicate your own desires without feeling shame or guilt about them. It might mean healing a past sexual wound that has been holding you back from full sexual expression, exploration, experience and enjoyment.

This is a special day for you to be pampered, challenged, educated, and celebrated, where we approach your sexuality as the Very Important Part of you that it truly is, so that you can move into having the pleasure, sex, intimacy and sexual expression you truly desire, which allows you to be bigger in the world, as well as in the bedroom. This is a life-changing experience that allows any woman to step into her full power and agency so that she can do anything she desires in her life.


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Couples VIP Day Experiences


1. Honeymoon VIP Day

SN-HoneymoonThe Honeymoon VIP Day Experience is designed for couples who are newly together, newly married or getting ready to marry/commit and want to work on the sexual part of their relationship so that it can be totally fulfilling for the long-haul. Any couple who is excited about being together and knows that they’d like to enhance their sexual relationship will benefit greatly from the Honeymoon VIP Day. We will spend time looking at what makes sex good for each of you (which is often two different things), your personal love languages, your penchant for romance, connection, flirtation, “naughtiness”, and affection and what is erotically authentic for you both. We’ll identify areas for exploration and provide education, skills and tools that will help you to engage those areas of exploration together. You will learn essential sexual communication tools that will help you throughout your relationship to keep sex on the front burner and make sure that both of you are satisfied sexually. This is a playful and experiential day, and highly educational, where you will be treated like royalty with a sensuous and decadent experience so that you can excite in the erotic possibilities of your budding relationship. You’ll leave with a whole treasure chest of tools and skills that will enhance your sexual relationship for years.

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2. Reconnection VIP Day

couple-walking-away-vineyardThe Reconnection VIP Day Experience is designed for couples who have been together for 5-15 years or more, who have lost the spark in their sexual relationship and want to get it back. It’s also for couples who feel like they never really became aligned sexually and/or whose sexual relationship has never been “great”, even if other aspects of the relationship have been satisfying. Any couple who has been together for a while and needs an opportunity to shut out the world and reconnect in a meaningful intimate way will benefit from the Reconnection VIP Day.

We will design your day so that you can look honestly at the emotional and physical patterns and dynamics that have gotten in the way of your fulfillment, and unlearn them so you can break through. You will relearn new skills and ways of approaching one another intimately that will serve your relationship in the long term. You will practice deep emotional listening, get clear about your differences, heal the shame that is a barrier to you being closer and more passionate and figure out where you left the spark. You will learn essential sexual communication skills that will set you both up to get your needs met without feeling bad for asking or setting healthy boundaries. It’s a day to reconnect by being curious, listening in a deep way, and honoring the intimate connection you have with one another so that you recharge yourselves and reboot your sexual relationship, in order to relate with one another in a more passionate, powerful and sexy way.

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3. Spice It Up VIP Day

IMG_0840small The Spice It Up VIP Day Experience is for couples or lovers who want to learn new techniques for sexual pleasure or bring new elements into their sexual life. This day is designed for the adventurous couple who wants to expand their sexual relationship, try new things, or explore new sexual territory but aren’t quite sure how and want some professional guidance and encouragement. Your Spice It Up VIP Day could include discussing opening up your relationship and what form that will take. It might include how to get into the swingers scene or how to bring additional sexual partners into your bedroom for fun threesomes, foursomes or moresomes. It tends to be tricky territory for any couple to choose to bring other sexual partners into their sexual dynamic, so we’ll look at how you can do that with total integrity in a way that meets both person’s needs and does not leave either of you compromising your own boundaries. OR you might be interested in learning more about sexual power exchange or kinky sex through BDSM (bondage, dominance submission and sadomasochism). We will break down the many facets of BDSM (because no one is into all things), get clear about the parts you want to explore and how to empower your inner top or release your inner bottom and free yourself up to fully explore the power exchange possible in a BDSM relationship. You’ll learn all about toys and accoutrements that will enhance your exploration, how to use erotic language and dirty talk to make it even hotter so that you can expand your sexual relationship in a safe and knowledgeable  way and feel like you can really go where you want to go in your shared erotic lives. This is a day filled with fun exploration and essential education for how to take your sexual relationship to the next level.


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How VIP Day Packages work:

Private VIP Days

Couples and individuals can choose to do a private VIP day. This is beneficial for extremely private people or people who want all the focus to be on them for the day and need that extra attention. We get clear on your goals and focus on you for the day so that you can move your relationship forward in an exponential way. This is the highest level package we offer.

To speak to the Sexy Napa team and explore creating a custom private VIP day, click below to book a Destination Sexy Napa call. You’ll answer a few questions so we know what you are looking for and then we’ll get on the phone to see whether we are a good fit.


Group VIP Days

You may also choose to do a group VIP day experience. We offer small group experiences for 2-4 couples. The benefit of doing a group VIP day for couples is that you get an opportunity to see other couple’s dynamics and learn from one another. Sometimes we can’t see in ourselves what we can clearly see in others. It also adds some fun to share the time with other people who have similar goals or leanings. You get terrific content and individualized attention as part of your day and you will often make friends with fellow VIP Day participants for life.

To speak to the Sexy Napa team and find out about upcoming group VIP days and what might work for you, click below to book a Destination Sexy Napa call. You’ll answer a few questions so we know what you are looking for and then we’ll get on the phone to see whether we are a good fit. We don’t just work with anybody… it’s important that there is an alignment and synergy between the Sexy Napa team and our clients. If there is, we will invite you to book your VIP Day. Our dates are on a first come, first served basis.