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Sex, Love, and Belonging

I have been teaching and talking about sex with people for years, and I have heard people’s stories of vulnerability, of lost desire, of wanting, and of the need for healing. I work with women and couples who have already been somewhere in their lives and they are searching for deeper meaning around sex and [...]

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Sex and Love Mentors

Sometimes when we are struggling to love ourselves as much as we wish we could, somebody comes into our lives and they love us so fiercely, so big and so wholly, that they teach us how to love ourselves. They become our model for our own self-love.

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Courageous Love, Soulmates and Finding “The One”

…we have many potential “soul mates”, play mates to traverse this gorgeous life with and they tend to come right when we need them, for whatever spell they are meant to be in our lives.

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