“What can I say about Amy Jo Goddard…
She’s a much needed teacher in the desert of sex education.
She has a great program! After only 2 evenings with her intuitively I feel it works if you work it.
She is a great communicator. She knows how to teach, knows how to listen, knows how to let others participate and contribute.
She is generous in spirit, and in real time.
She has a big heart and a mission. I commend her, I recommend her and I look forward to being part of her community of women (and men) who are empowered through their sexuality.
She walks the talk; she lives her work. She is authentic and a REAL woman.”
– Elaine, “9 Steps to a Sexually Empowered Life” event participant

“Amy Jo is an inspiration and has been invaluable to me in my growth and journey, particularly on the last year. If you have an opportunity to interact with her it’s not one to be missed – it’s guaranteed to lead to some amazing openings and insights for you.”
– Michelle, private client

“I am SO thankful to have had this opportunity to have been part of this. I’m urging you to make time in your life for yourself and allow yourself to go on this journey too! I had such a truly profound time, words feel inadequate to express the impact it has had on my life.”
– Erika

“Amy Jo has ignited a spark in my consciousness. My sexuality has been buried under to do lists, shame and fear of knowing my sexual self. I am giving myself a big hug for taking a risk and I want more!”

“What a journey! Amy Jo’s sexuality workshop has infused me with an electrifying, sensually opening, positively scared, urgent feeling that hasn’t touched me in quite a long time. Amy Jo really hit home. She is such a wise, knowledgeable, and well-trained teacher and facilitator. She also held us accountable for our selves, our lives, our intentions. I felt comfortable to give myself totally to her program, which for me was the perfect blend of intellectual discussion, spirituality, movement, play, healing, and sharing.

“Amy Jo Goddard offers a safe and inviting space for women to connect with their sexual power. She listens intently, offering strong support, while simultaneously encouraging and reminding the women that the work is well worth it!”

“Amy Jo’s capacity to be a strong ally to women of color helped create a safe space for me as a participant. She was able to work well with a diverse group of women without playing favorites or condescending to generalizations. Amy Jo also knew when to challenge each of us during key moments of the program so that we could experience breakthroughs –which are still continuing to unfold for me. It was an incredible experience to be a part of this program.”

“Amy Jo always challenges me to grow and moves me toward action.”